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The ECONOMY.4 is the little brother of the BLACK.4 control.

In some areas it was reduced to the essentials in order to implement simple and inexpensive lighting systems for small and medium-sized models.

It is much smaller and lighter, but can also only be used for smaller outputs and does without protective functions in favor of economic efficiency.

But here, too, four functions can be controlled: Channel 1: Flashlights / Strobe The strobes are very bright, white flash lights.

They are usually located on the wing tips or at the end of the fuselage.

These are often housed in the same housing as the position lights.

Channel 2: Navigation / position lights These divide the surrounding space into areas of 120 °.

GREEN on the right, RED on the left and WHITE to the rear.

These lights are mostly in continuous operation, sometimes also flashing.

Channel 3: Beacon The red warning lights are used at the top and bottom of the aircraft, often also on the vertical stabilizer, and show "Warning engine ON".

They are used both as hard flash light (ACL) and as light that swells up and down (simulated rotating light).

Channel 4: Landing lights are always WHITE and pointed forward.

They are usually attached to the surfaces, in the engine nacelle or on the chassis.

The Economy.4 does not have its own battery input for the lights.

Therefore, small lighting systems can be connected directly to an HV receiver.

Please note the information on the resilience of the receiver.

Alternatively, a separate battery can be connected using the enclosed Y-cable.

Despite the small size and focus on economy, the ECONOMY.4 is equipped with some functions of the uniLIGHTPLUS family.

It can be programmed and configured with the uniLIGHT DESK.

The button can only be used to change the flashing pattern in solo mode and the speed of the pattern.

Please note that we cannot accept any guarantee for damaged outputs / power amplifiers.

Use a BLACK.4 with short-circuit protection to prevent any failures.

receiver side 4.8-9.6V weight ~5g, without wire dimension 22x30x6mm load per channel 5A to 16V (>6A peak) total load up to 8A no galvanically isolated circuits operation without RC possible 15 effects with variable speed soft transition programmable sport-nav mode programmable no short circuit protection & deep discharge protection reverse polarity protection simple servo output for dropouts, switches or valves including quick-snap mounting brackets Light-Scheme CLASSIC The well-known light patterns of the uniLIGHT 4-Channel module , optimized to bring nicer and sharper results   Light-Scheme MODERN The nicest light patterns of modern aircrafts very clean and simple selectable.

Long- or double beacon, external rotating beacon, double strobe or strobe with late ignition are possible.

Navigation lights and spotlights of course selected though the same transmitter channel.

Effect speed is adjustable in each pattern.

  Light-Scheme SPECIAL Different special effects, running lights, scanner, rotating, strobing,...

selectable in different versions with adjustable speed.

Perfect for show and night flying, helicopters, ...