$ 22.00

The EMBEDDED is currently the smallest but most advanced lighting control from uniLIGHT.at.

With approx.

7x30x2.5mm it is only as small as matches, so that it can be integrated anywhere, even directly in lights or industrial applications.

It supports 1 ½ functions: i.e.

a fully-fledged, configurable channel and a second switched channel, e.g.

to operate the navigation light of a DUAL light.

  It is equipped with a wealth of new and old functions and is therefore suitable for almost all applications.

As a member of the uniLIGHTPLUS family, it can be fully programmed and configured with the programming cable and the uniLIGHT DESK.

The button can only be used to change the flashing pattern in solo mode and the speed of the pattern.

Like other uniLIGHT controls, the EMBEDDED can be connected to a battery either directly or via the included Y-cable.

With uniLIGHT.at lights this is usually a 2S LiPo battery.

As an innovation, you can also connect HV systems directly to the receiver.

  With the EMBEDDED, our standard plugs for the lights were deliberately omitted because the control can in most cases be placed directly in the lamp, i.e.


Due to the fixed wiring there is also no short-circuit and polarity reversal protection, which was omitted in the application in favor of the size.

  As a cost-optimized OEM version, the control can be integrated directly into professional applications.

connection voltage: 4,8-9,6V                                    weight (without cable): 1g                                            size:    7.3x30.8x2.6mm (W/L/H) current max:  3A, to 16V                                impulse current max:  5A, to 16V                                galvanish seperated system:  NO                                           operation without RC Signal:  YES                                           operation in uniLIGHT PLUS datamode: YES variable speed effects: 8 + 1 free to configure MANUAL MODUL-EMBEDDED manual uniLIGHT Systems [1.415 KB] Manual for connection of a uniLIGHT Systems [448 KB]