uniLIGHT LiIon Black-Series 2S/2200mAh



Lithium ion battery for medium and large uniLIGHT systems LiIonBattery with large capacity for the fast operation of a medium and large uniLIGHT lighting system.

The battery pack has a matching connecting cable, balancing cable and is mounted on a fiberglass plate, matching the enclosed mounting brackets of the BLACK series.

The balancer connection and our charging cable allow easy and quick battery care.

LiIon batteries can be charged in the model and are less maintenance intensive than LiPo types.

Capacity:  2200mAh, for medium and large lighting systems with 8-14 lights 2S/8.4V 25C loadable 98g 65x36x19mm Dimensions and connection cables match the uniLIGHT controls Supplied on milled mounting plate with Black Series mounting clips TECHNICAL INFORMATION CONNECTION