XICOY X45 Compact Turbojet


$ 2,015.00

XICOY X45 Compact Turbojet

Power output adjustable from 25N to 45N


The smallest engine in its class!

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The product of the first development by Xicoy is a very small engine, aimed at the small and foamy jet market but incorporating all the latest thinking in mechanical design, digital electronic control, and software developments. The engine has a very low installed weight, around 400g, a tiny case of below 60mm, and 165mm from the tip of the starter to the end of the exhaust. It boasts an amazing 45N, 4.5kg or 10LBs of thrust which should be enough to satisfy most jet jockeys flying the small and no to small planes, and an extremely low residual thrust of 1.8N, 0,18kg, 0.4lb at idle to help with approaches. The engine is full of internal Kero start, can start and run happily on Kero or diesel, and incorporates built-in valves. A simple 3-wire cable and one 4mm pipe are the only connections needed for the engine. A smart, replaceable FOD screen is supplied as standard to protect the small compressor against FOD.

The engine incorporates a high-speed brushless starter which helps the engine to show an amazing start-to-idle just under 25 seconds, from initiation. A sub-miniature, intelligent brushless fuel pump eliminates any need for pump starting or other adjustments. There is no external ECU, this function is built into the PCB on the engine. To connect the battery (2S Lipo, or 3S LiFe) there is a small external unit (Hub) which the battery plugs into, together with the fuel pump, a display (if used), and any additional functions that are added beyond the basic setup, such as telemetry modules, sensors, etc. This Hub will also be available soon with a miniature display built on, to eliminate the need for any additional plug-in items. The fully installed light package weighs just 470g.

The control system is a completely new single-wire control development that benefits from the latest extremely fast and powerful electronics and digital controls. There is no backward compatibility with any previous FADEC system. This enables the very latest, most capable, and fastest microcontrollers to be used. This gives a system that is highly adaptable and will form the platform for all future Xicoy engine products. The pioneering spirit of Gaspar and Xicoy continues and teamed up with Mike you can be sure many more things will follow very soon, these are exciting times for the hobby!

The engine is offered in Compact or Light versions.

  • High power Output:  45N  - 10lb
  • Extremely low residual thrust:  1,8N -0,4lb
  • Exceptional idle to full thrust ratio of  25 times.
  • Max RPM: 225.000
  • Minimum RPM: 60.000
  • Diameter: 59,8mm
  • Length: 165mm
  • Engine weight: 395g including mounting strap and FOD filter
  • Installed weight: 470g (inc Engine, Pump, and leads. Not inclusive of battery)
  • Fuel Consumption: 20g/min at idle.  145g/min at full power.
  • Easily adjustable thrust output in Newton and in Lb from 1,8N  to 45N.
  • Kerosene + 4% oil. Fuels containing Biodiesel are not allowed.
  • Kerostart fast starting.
  • Inflight Restart technology. Typically half time than Normal Start.
  • Brushless fuel pump with integrated controller
  • High-speed Brushless starter motor
  • All new Fully Integrated ecu
  • Telemetry for Jeti, Futaba, HoTT, MPX, PB Core, Spektrum, JR and FrSky. (optional module)
  • Fuel and FOD filters included

 Warranty: 2 years or 25h, whichever comes first. The warranty includes parts & labor but does not include shipments back to the factory in Spain and return.
More info and instructions manual here: 


FOD Filter included

Especially designed and developed for the X45

Digital Brushless pump

The X45 uses a purpose-made Brushless fuel pump. Integral electronics assure full digital control and operation with a guaranteed longer life.  
Weight  28g. 


Only 389g of weight for 4.5kg thrust!  

Easy installation

Featuring an in-built mounting flange and supplied hardware.

Easy installation

The X45 has only one fuel tube and one 3-wire Bus electrical connection.


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