XLARGE ACCU-Set, till 3m


$ 259.00

The ACCU-based night-flying blades are the easiest way to illuminate large models indirectly.

Based on the normal LARGE and XLARGE systems, a central battery holder is provided on each Light Blade to accommodate a small weight-optimized LiPo battery.

This is simply snapped and held with montage rings - the system is active.

The XLARGE system can be used with a full battery only for a flight of 7-8 minutes.

The delicate but very robust CFK tube construction brings enormous light output with low weight without affecting the flight characteristics.

Compared to the cable-bound systems, the light output of the light battery systems is slightly lower, but the system is immediately ready for operation and no cables or soldering work has to be carried out on the surface.

In delivery, the pipes and plates are pre-assembled and can be shortened and aligned on the model.

Optimum illumination is thus achievable.

Only then the arms are permanently fixed with a few drops of epoxy.

An unsymmetrical mounting is also possible (short arm near the ground).

uniLIGHT Night Blades Compact size with maximum performance Lowest impact on flight behavior New cable and plugless installation Optimized, adjustable cooling reflector Reduced self-glare 5 sizes for all standards especially for wings and symmetrical for the tail Asymmetrical design for maximum ruggedness Safety holder with position light available large systems as cable and autonomous battery version First, the enclosed mounting plate can be glued firmly into the wing arch, preferably with good epoxy and pegs.

Connecting cables are not necessary.

For the systems L and XL, the light panels must be aligned once on the model during initial installation and fixed with a little epoxy.

Then reflector surfaces are bent once so that the largest possible part of the light emission is directed to the model.

ATTENTION: the reflector surfaces harden and can only be bent a few times.

Fix the glued surface before you align the surfaces by hand or a small pliers to prevent breakage of the splice.

After the flight, the Night Blades can be easily unscrewed and easily transported.

There is no trace left of the night flight system.

Construction: GRP / mixed aluminum construction, 5 mm CFRP pipe, pre-assembled Electric: 8V, 2A Operating time: 8-8 minutes Safety: integrated safety position light, can also be switched off by means of a soldering jumper during runtime extension Light intensity: ~1200 lumens WHITE Overall dimension: 310x85mm Weight: 2x71g 2x XLARGE wing blades, 2x LIPO-330 batteries, 2x mounting plate, 2x safety light cover, 4x mounting ring TECHNICAL INFORMATION CONNECTION