Zap Z-Poxy 15 Minutes Epoxy Glue PT-35


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- The world's finest 15 minutes EPOXY
- 12 minutes working time, cures in 15 minutes
- Great for installing firewalls and bulkheads
- Works well with fiberglass fuselages and boat hulls
- Ideal for skinning small foam parts

15 MINUTE Z-POXY is a premium two-part epoxy adhesive. The 15 minute cure time means faster building and faster repairs. Vibration resistant and fuel proof, this epoxy is perfect for all types of hobbies, crafts, repair, and building projects. It does not get brittle with age and it's easy to mix, just combine equal parts by volume. Handy to have at home for all types of fix-it jobs, great to have in the shop for woodworking and furniture repair.

Helpful Hints:

15 MINUTE Z-POXY fully cures in approximately 15 minutes. You will have about 12 minutes of working time as the product will start to fully cure in the remaining 3 minutes. To clean up any uncured or unmixed epoxy, use isopropyl or methanol. Thinning of 15 MINUTE Z-POXY is not recommended. Mix 15 MINUTE Z-POXY on a nonporous surface such as a plastic cup or resealable plastic bag. Mix only the needed amount of epoxy and hardener as needed, any excess epoxy or hardener cannot be saved after it has been mixed. Epoxies cure by an exothermic chemical reaction, (give off heat). Thus, applying heat will speed the cure time. Mixing large amounts of epoxy will shorten the working time if not used quickly as the epoxy will harden in the mixing apparatus.

If additional working time is needed, Zap offers the Z-POXY 30 MIN. FORMULA (PT-39).

- Equal-mix formula easily accepts micro balloon filler

Net Weight:
4+4 fl. oz. (118+118ml)